Pat Nowotny’s career path is anything but ordinary. After a successful first career culminating in retirement from Texas Utilities (now Oncor) in the 1990s, Nowotny wasn’t ready to slow down. He embarked on a whole new chapter, dedicating himself to economic development. His dedication shone through his work as the EDC Director at Navarro College. 

In 1995, Nowotny joined the Waco Chamber of Commerce, where his talent was quickly recognized. He steadily climbed the ranks, eventually becoming the Senior Vice President of Economic Development. He held this prestigious position until 2008, making significant contributions to the Waco area. Though he initially enjoyed retirement, Nowotny’s desire to serve his community remained strong. 

This unwavering commitment led him to NeighborWorks Waco, an organization known for its stellar leadership and dedication to community service. Nowotny was particularly impressed by the organization’s reputation and accomplishments, citing “Roy [Nash]’s and the staff’s reputation” as a key factor in his decision to join the Board of Directors. Serving on the Board has proven to be a deeply fulfilling experience for him. 

Nowotny is acutely aware of the challenges facing Waco’s residents. With a staggering 80% of the population living at or below the median income level and the lowest homeownership rate in the region, the need for NeighborWorks Waco’s programs is undeniable. He takes immense pride in witnessing the organization’s positive impact, particularly the rise in homeownership rates in East and North Waco. A particularly heartwarming experience involved a client in her 90s who, thanks to NeighborWorks Waco’s programs, finally achieved her dream of homeownership in Temple after years of renting. Nowotny finds it deeply rewarding to see “more and more people at any age consider homeownership,” and he’s committed to providing the tools and access needed to make affordable housing a reality.