Chainey Stotlmann began renting from NeighborWorks Waco in 2011. Our Homeownership Incubator program allows folks to rent safe, stable, and affordable homes from us while receiving incentives to pursue financial literacy and homebuyer education. Additionally, NeighborWorks Waco allows our renters to break their lease without penalty when purchasing a home.

In 2015, we first provided Chainey with an initial counseling appointment, introducing her to the foundational financial component necessary in the home-buying process. There was work to do in terms of budget, credit and savings, so she decided to take some time to really focus on achieving her goals.

In 2019, Chainey signed up for our Homebuyer Education Workshop where industry professionals teach about credit, obtaining a mortgage, the home-buying process, using a Realtor, getting a home inspection, and even home owner’s insurance. Excited by what she learned and confident that she had worked hard on her financial situation, Chainey returned to financial counseling. Her financials had improved, but they weren’t yet where she wanted. For months, NeighborWorks Waco’s Homeownership Planner followed up with Chainey, encouraging and reassuring her, and guiding her as she needed it.

Finally, after years of work, Chainey was ready to purchase a home! She contacted a mortgage lender and was preparing to search for a home. During this time she was the victim of a car accident, which was a drain on her physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. It took her some time to recover from the car accident, but 11 years after first meeting NeighborWorks Waco, Chainey was ready for homeownership!

After more than a decade of working closely with our team at NeighborWorks Waco, Chainey had become like family. She trusted NeighborWorks Waco to empower her and accompany her through the process. Earlier this year, Chainey and her husband closed on their first home. They sent us a beautiful note afterwards, thanking us for the assistance we were able to provide. Like all the first-time home buyers we see, Chainey did all the hard work. We do our best to create an environment of empowerment and to equip clients to achieve their goals, but the hard part always lies with them.

Congratulations, Chainey and Edward Stoltmann on achieving your dream of homeownership.

L to R: Realtor-Linda McDonald, Chainey and Edward Stoltmann, Delisa Burnell-Smith