Since we began the journey to sustainability, our organization, partners, staff and community have strived to help grow our endowment fund. The Waco Foundation has managed the fund with unmatched success, and recent market conditions have been helpful, too.

However, nothing has been more impactful than the contributions from friends and community members. Our goal was to reach $100,000 by fiscal year 2020, and we are proud to say that we have surpassed that goal!

At the time of this writing, our endowment fund totals more than $107,000! Truly, we could not have done it without you. Many of you see the vision that we do–the future where NeighborWorks Waco is not reliant on outside funding to accomplish our mission to build stronger neighborhoods through homeownership, quality rental housing and community-building initiatives.

Our community deserves the caring attention of local organizations who are tuned into the pulse of local neighborhoods, like ours is. As our endowment fund continues to grow, we come that much closer to reaching the goal of 100% sustainability. Soon, our programs and services will be dictated only by what they require–not by the whims of distant funding groups.

With that, allow me to introduce our next milestone on the road to full sustainability:

Our goal for the 2020 calendar year is for our endowment fund to reach $250,000 by December 31.

The only way we will get to this lofty goal is with your help. Please consider hitting THIS LINK to contribute today and be part of the positive developments taking place here in Waco.