For the past year, we have been a participant in NeighborWorks America’s Strategic Business Initiative (SBI). This initiative strives to demonstrate how we, as local community development organizations, can become much more impactful in our operations as we serve the constituents in our local communities.

This initiative is multi-faceted and includes receiving the buy-in from both board of directors and staff. We have done that and have made the necessary assignment to move forward in the program with success. Here are some of the outcomes we are desiring to achieve in this program:

1) Increase our HomeOwnership production tenfold.
2) Increase our revenue in order to become totally self-sustainable.

While we do not expect to achieve these program goals in the next year or two, we are putting a plan together that will assist us in moving significantly toward these goals in the near future. Here are some of the strategies that in the planning stage:

A) Becoming a paperless office place that will allow customers to enter their information remotely and tract their progress as they move towards their HomeOwnership goal.

B) Installing state-of-the-art customer-tracking software that will allow our HomeOwnership Planning Team to handle a larger column of customers at a high rate of quality and efficiency.

C) Entering into social enterprise endeavors that will produce income while also fulfilling a social need in the community.

D) Increasing the reach of our customer base to include families that are closer to achieving their HomeOwnership goal than we have included in the past.

E) Continuing to develop lending products that will serve the needs of all of our customers.

F) Expanding our property management programs to include properties owned by others.

G) Expanding the reach of our educational programs that will allow us to attract a greater column of customers.

These are just some of the programs we are currently working on to help us become a more strategic and sustainable organization. We want to be an organization that has a more significant impact in the communities we serve. We’ll continue to update you on our progress as we move towards our goals.

Roy Nash