With the costs of getting into a home of your own increasing every day, we are continually searching for ways to assist our clients in making their first home purchase very successful.  Of course, finding that perfect home is always of utmost importance, and with fewer homes on the market to select from, the challenge today is even much tougher.  Prospective home buyers need to do a lot of research and investigation, and they certainly should consider enlisting the services of housing professionals to assist in finding the best home for themselves and their family.

One of the ways we can assist in keeping housing costs affordable is to work with clients to improve their credit score, so that they can qualify for the lowest mortgage interest rate available.  Our Project SAVER program is certainly one that improves credit scores over a 9-month period.  We have seen this program significantly increase credit scores to the point where program participants were able to go directly into homeowner following the program.

By offering various mortgage lending programs is another way we can assist clients in getting the mortgage product that best fits their current needs.  The mortgage products we currently offer are FHA, Conventional, VA, USDA.  We also offer two non-traditional first lien mortgage products, for those who don’t fit the traditional means of financing. Not all homebuyers will qualify for this program, but it sure is a great benefit for those who do qualify.

We may not have the best mortgage product for every homebuyer, but if a client finds a better one, we are quick to encourage clients to go for the best product they can find.  We are here for the purpose of making the home buying process a great success for every client!

Roy Nash