Waco, TX – July 20, 2017 – Our construction department stays busy as we head into fall! Check out the beautiful homes we have going up on the 300 block of Bermuda, and stay tuned for the continued construction at Legacy Square.

Currently in the midst of construction, NeighborWorks Waco is building five homes in the 300 block of North Bermuda in Lacy Lakeview. These well-constructed homes feature 1200+ square feet of welcoming, family-friendly living space. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms in each, we hope five families find home in these brand new houses! As of the writing of this article, two out of the five homes have been purchased and are being constructed based on those families’ personal preferences. Says Calvin Hodde, construction manager, “Along with additional development in the neighborhood, we feel like we are having a great impact on the transformation of this community. Over the past 15 years, NeighborWorks has built and rehabbed over 30 homes in the area. As a lifelong resident of Lacy Lakeview, I’m encouraged to see new development and revitalization in this city!”

Legacy Square, the most recent NeighborWorks Waco subdivision, will continue to grow in the coming months! These eight beautiful lots and four constructed homes are located on Turner and Hood Streets between McKeen and Chestnut Streets in East Waco. The current and planned homes are energy efficient and include spacious closets, hardwood style floors, customizable features, and fully fenced yards. Thanks to a partnership with the City of Waco, qualifying families can receive up to $25,000 at 0% interest in the form of a forgivable loan – doesn’t get much better than that! We are excited to say “Welcome Home” to the four families who purchased the first four homes in this subdivision; be on the lookout for the construction of the next eight!


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