Waco, TX – April 13, 2018 – NeighborWorks Waco continues to add more homes to its latest housing addition, Legacy Square! Located on Hood and Turner Streets, near East Waco Park, this addition will provide housing for 12 families when completed. Currently, 4 families call Legacy Square home with 4 more houses under contract and 1 additional home being constructed for a future buyer! We are thrilled to watch this subdivision grow, while East Waco continues to flourish as well.

We have gained many new neighbors on Elm Avenue the last few years. Brotherwell Brewing, ArtPlace, and Elm Avenue Market have all joined historic Elm Avenue, following the lead of Lula Jane’s many years ago! The City of Waco’s downtown Tax Increment Financing Zone board has already pledged $956,200 to new sidewalks, lighting, landscaping and bike lanes on Elm Avenue – a small beginning to the near 4 million dollars the City plans to invest. The City of Waco is also planning improvements to East Waco Park in addition to those on Elm. East Waco Park, at 401 Hood St., will get $298,606 for lighting, irrigation curbs and gutters, fencing, lighting and sports court resurfacing.

“To me, it wasn’t a park, just an open place with no enclosed sides to it,” Councilman Noah Jackson said. “What we want it to be is a facility where parents can take their kids to go play, and when kids kick the ball it wouldn’t go into the street. What I can foresee is that churches would take their activities there and have a nice gazebo and seating area. Organizations can come and use it.”

NeighborWorks Waco’s hope is that development continues in East Waco as the community strives toward revitalization and growth.

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