Linda Weaver, NeighborWorks Waco Board Chair

I am honored that in the fall of 2022, NeighborWorks Waco (NWW) completed the Legacy Square home development project on the historical location of the former R L Smith Campus in East Waco. Serving on the NeighborWorks board for 6 years and now serving as the board chair is a continued passionate thread of my community engagement. This project is one that touches the community as well. I, along with other parents, watched our children run, play and eat lunch on the grounds of the partially closed R L Smith campus cafeteria. My children were there as part of the Historical Paul Quinn Campus National Youth Sports Program, a program where I served as a board member during the summer months. This project is somewhat likened to the historic movement of R L Smith’s vision of financial stability along with homeownership of his day.

Legacy Square’s completion speaks to NWW board and staff’s commitment to our continued mission: To build stronger neighborhoods through homeownership, and other quality housing and community-building initiatives. As board chair, I count it a privilege to serve during this historical moment. The R L Smith grounds have been used to provide well-built quality homes for families’ homeownership in the East Waco community.

NWW board is committed to the mission, through continued endowment fundraising, seeking innovative ways throughout the community to educate and empower families.

We have a strong commitment to community and team efforts. Homeownership and wealth building is a learned practice. What role do you play?

Linda Weaver

NeighborWorks Waco Board Chair