Owning a home is now more important than ever! During the difficult times now occurring, we must adjust our lives and livelihood to a new normal. Having a home of your own, as a place of rest, where we can regenerate our thoughts, is powerful.

We are challenged to take measures of safety and health. But that doesn’t mean everyone feels totally secure being in their home. We are all aware of the unpleasant possibilities that come with Corona virus. Owning the home in which we are quarantined can go a long way towards peace of mind.

We must stay vigilant and continue social distancing as well as good personal hygiene–washing our hands and deep cleaning to make sure that we all stay safe as we return. The Governor plans to reopen parts of our economy in a very cautious approach. Our efforts can help this be successful.

We must remain focused on our financial plans. As NeighborWorks Waco assists our local communities with COVID relief efforts, we encourage families to consider the important role home plays in our lives. Is your financial plan moving you towards owning your own home?

Delfina Velasquez