This past year has been a challenge for everyone. We have learned how to communicate differently through the computer and other media, such as zoom, since we are not allow to congregate in large social groups.

We have come to understand the term “essential workers” as important personnel, 1st responders, doctors, nurses, school teachers and more. We have all adjusted to social distancing, emphasizing hygiene as we shop, open doors, and go about our day-to-day lives. We are more focused on cleanliness, using solvents to sterilize our homes and hands.

We have learned to adapted to merchants’ new way of business as store hours change and practices of ordering food and supplies move online to apps and curbside pickup.

We all have learned to wear facial masks throughout the day or whenever we have social interactions with the public. A large number of people have created their own unique face masks with fabric print-to-vinyl messages pressed on to encourage stress relief and creativity in a difficult period.

People everywhere are adapting, focused on safety. Many of us are staying at home more than ever before. I think, perhaps more than ever, it is right time to own a home–to secure yourself and love ones in a safe, clean, and stable environment that you control.

NeighborWorks Waco continues to prioritize the safety of our staff and clients, using phone calls and virtual appointments for social distancing. We continue striving to strengthen homeownership in the community during this difficult time, and we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Delfina Velasquez
Board Chair