Here at NeighborWorks we have an excellent group of volunteers that work in conjunction with our Board of Directors, all of whom have one common goal: to represent our community very well. We also have a committed staff who are working diligently, despite challenging headwinds–some from the office and others from home. We continue our emphasis on health and safety at this time, not only for our staff but also for clients.

On top of COVID-19 concerns, nearly everyone throughout the world has noticed the cost of construction materials and therefore homes has been increasing dramatically. At NeighborWorks Waco, we continue to innovate, finding new methods to help our community’s future home owners. Our Homeownership Incubator program is one of the most innovative among these methods, and has seen a significant number of conversions from renter to homeowner.

I would like to mention the on-going work of our Belmont Village project. Of those units that are completed, ALL are fully occupied, while a few others are near completion. An exciting addition is the  construction of signage, a small park, and walking trails for the area, which will only serve to make this development more desirable. 

-Delfina Velasquez, Board Chair