I heard about NeighborWorks Waco in 2000 from a former Member of the Board who told me about this organization which was rehabilitating an older house. After talking to NeighborWorks Waco’s Vice President and COO, Delisa, and CFO, Karen, my husband and I were very interested in the rehabilitated home. We chose to work with the NeighborWorks staff because we liked and trusted them, and believed in their ability to do an outstanding job, not only on the rehabilitation of the home, but also preparing our family to purchase. About seven months later we became homeowners! We are still in our lovely home, and we are so grateful it is paid off. After 20+ years in our home, we love it so much that we have no plans to move.

Later, in 2008, I was asked if I wanted to serve on Board for NeighborWorks Waco. I replied with an emphatic yes! I know the impact the organization can have on individuals, families, and communities, and I am honored to be a part of that. I have served from 2008 to 2011, and began another term in 2013, which has continued to the present. I love what NeighborWorks Waco stands for; it is a great organization with which to volunteer. They have good structure, culture, teamwork, and an extraordinary Executive Board and Committees. The people there are passionate about their goals, putting families in homes, and strengthening community. I am honored and privileged to serve as Board Chair for NeighborWorks Waco.

 Delfina Velasquez