NWIAA’s History

The National Women In Agriculture Association (NWIAA) was founded and established in February 2008 by Dr. Tammy Gray-Steele, our Executive Director. The organization is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK.  NWIAA is an agriculture outreach fueled by sisterhood, need, and diversity. NWIAA believes rural women, especially minority women, have been neglected; the lack of resources has stagnated rural development nationwide. 

NWIAA is the first minority woman-owned and operated organization that provides innovative outreach education that attracts and sustains current and future generations with its innovative, spiritual, and USDA-certified education techniques. 

NWIAA’s Mission

To save lives and eliminate poverty by increasing the availability of fresh, locally grown foods while expanding economic opportunities.

NWIAA’s Vision

To provide vital opportunities for rural and urban communities so as to equip them for tomorrow while engaging them in today and to make investments within society which will help move the United States toward an authentic and sustainable future.

“Our 2023 theme is unity and leadership,” says Kay Bell, President of the NWIAA – Waco Chapter. 

The learn more about the Waco NWIAA’s training and networking events, follow the organization on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/waconwiaa/.

NWIAA-Waco’s Staff:

Kay Bell, President

Francis White, Garden Director

NWIAA-Waco Members:

Kay Bell

Betty White

Francis White

Jennell Ruth

Linda Weaver

Fannie Evans

Loretta Hayes

Evelyn Moore