Over the years, Waco’s reputation has been linked to various notable scenes, some more positive than others. Cultural phenomena are not new, to Waco, however, and the new South Waco Mural tells some of those stories.

Doreen Ravenscroft in front of the new South Waco mural

Located at the corner of 11th and Webster, this masterpiece beautifully captures the essence of Waco. Doreen Ravenscroft, President and Executive Director at Cultural Arts of Waco, spearheaded this project in a way that pays homage to the transcendence of Waco’s history.

Creative Waco‘s Arts Match Program (AMP) awarded the South Waco Mural $5000. As part of the required “matching” component, NeighborWorks Waco provided all the necessary paint and pop-up tents for gathering under shade.

This newly debuted public work tells several stories from Waco’s collective memory. On one side, a folk art depiction of Babe Ruth stands larger than life, reminding the community of his time playing in Waco’s Katy Park in 1929 alongside Lou Gehrig. The opposite end of the mural, 110 yards away, features the destructive tornado that tore through Waco in 1953.

Between these two seminal events in Waco’s history, artists have woven diverse artistic styles together in a gorgeous tapestry that tells stories of South Waco’s proud history. Multiple artists have contributed their unique styles and talent to the mural. Ira Watkins, Chesley Smith, Kavitha Saminathan, Cade Kegerreis, Angie and Steve Veracruz, Rocky Gonzales and a multitude of volunteers came together in a wonderful harmony that makes this public art outstanding!

Visit the mural today and try to identify which styles and sections belong to which Waco artist, and be mystified by the incredible stories of our area’s history.