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Space is Limited in Legacy

The Legacy Square subdivision is the newest development of NeighborWorks Waco. After years of neglect, the R.L. Smith school was demolished to make room for our a brand new subdivision of beautiful and affordable homes. Beginning as 12 empty lots, Legacy Square has quickly filled with a wonderfully diverse group of families. Located conveniently beside…

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Winner Winner-Tire-Spinner

On Saturday, May 18th, NeighborWorks Waco held a very exciting Homebuyer Education Workshop (HBE). Usually, our HBEs take place within our offices at 922 Franklin Ave. In an effort to connect more with neighborhood communities within Waco, our recent HBE was held at the East Waco Multipurpose Facility. Not only was the venue a change,…

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Spring has Sprung and Plants Have Come

One of the best things about springtime is the beautiful foliage. Brightly colorful and aromatic flowers along with dancing leaves give Spring its unique beauty. On Saturday, June 1st, from 8 – 11 AM, NeighborWorks Waco will be hosting a plant sale so that you can bring some natural beauty to your home. At this…

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Collaborations of Care

by CFO, Karen Saucedo On April 28th, NeighborWorks Waco participated in a local “Day of Service” volunteer activity hosted by two local churches.  This is the second year that NeighborWorks Waco has worked with both Harris Creek Baptist Church and Woodway First United Methodist Church to identify painting and beautification projects for their congregations. In…

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Chair’s Message

Jose R. Villanueva, Board Chair NeighborWorks Waco builds community. Not only do we help people acquire safe and affordable housing, but we also help our neighbors in other ways. This newsletter highlights some of our community-building activities. NeighborWorks Waco, just like Waco, is experiencing changes and growth which require new approaches to management and governance.…

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Lots to Buy

At NeighborWorks Waco, we are always looking for opportunities to achieve our mission to build stronger neighborhoods through homeownership, quality rental housing and community-building initiatives. We find many ways to achieve that end, but one of our favorite methods is to build a brand new, affordable home that will provide safe, stable and secure shelter…

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Executive Insight: Owning vs. Renting in Housing

by President/CEO, Roy Nash Most housing publications will list a “Rent vs. Own” article in their periodicals at some time or another.  Some may even take a look at this topic annually, as situations and circumstances can change from year to year, especially with this issue.  From my perspective, I have always had strong and…

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Client Spotlight: Jennifer

Jennifer used the services of NeighborWorks Waco to buy her first home–the home where she raised her family, started a business, ran her office, and where she still lives today. A family’s home is the hub of happiness. Jennifer has a first-hand understanding of that.

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Staff Spotlight: Juan

As the Homeownership Planner of NeighborWorks Waco, Juan is responsible for counseling with families to help them achieve their dreams of becoming financially stable and/or reaching homeownership. Juan is delighted to be joining the team and is looking forward to making a difference in the community of Waco by educating and helping families achieve their goals.…

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