By Laura Arocha, Registered Mortgage Loan Originator

Laura Arocha, NeighborWorks Waco’s Registered Mortgage Loan Originator, sat down with Mary Harris, new Homeowner to talk about her home buying journey. 

Where did you hear about NeighborWorks Waco? 

When I started my journey of Homeownership with NeighborWorks Waco my goal was to purchase the house I had been renting for over 22 years. I was referred to NeighborWorks Waco by the Waco Housing Authority. 

What did you know about homeownership? 

I knew little to nothing about owning my own home. It is important to know that everyone should believe in homeownership. I never thought it would be possible for me if it wasn’t for the guidance of Waco Housing Authority. Here at NeighborWorks, I learned that owning a home would become an asset, providing my family with financial stability, security, and generational wealth. I have always had a desire to leave a lasting impact on my family’s future. 

How was the buying process for you? 

I will be the first to tell you that my journey faced a few struggles along the way, but NeighborWorks Waco stood by my side to help me overcome those challenges. Through NWW’s guidance, my rental voucher from Waco Housing Authority was converted to a mortgage voucher for homeownership. In addition, I utilized the mortgage lending services offered by NeighborWorks Waco and received a deferred/forgivable loan to help offset my DPA and closing cost. Now I have a legacy to leave behind. I own my own home! If I can do it anybody can do it! 

Any last comments? 

I loved working with the NeighborWorks Waco staff! I would not hesitate to recommend anyone I know looking to buy a home for them.