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Project ASPIRE Completes Third Year!

Project ASPIRE has just completed its class cycle for the 2014-2015 academic year; and what a year it has been! From hosting Christmas stores at West Avenue Elementary, to financial jeopardy games played at Indian Spring Middle School, it has been a year of benchmark achievements for the program.

This year we completed programs in three additional schools, allowing students most in need of financial training access to our classes. We worked with over 400 students and demonstrated our clear dedication to expanding the reach of financial empowerment throughout Waco. We invented new games, wrote new lesson plans, and shrunk our class size—constantly making the needs of our students our top priority. And, we are pleased to announce, our hard work has paid off!

This year Project ASPIRE began using a new nationally-standardized youth financial literacy test that we administer before and after our program, allowing us to more accurately track our students’ progress throughout the semester. The results are in, and we can proudly say that the average Project ASPIRE student increased their score by over 20%! Students throughout McLennan County are now able to confront the professional world with the skill set and confidence only achieved through hard work and financial readiness.

None of this would have been possible without the constant support and hard work of our volunteers and community partners. To all who helped Project ASPIRE reach unprecedented success this year—thank you and know that we have no intention of slowing our progress. Next year is set to be equally expansive, with programs fixed to begin in an additional two schools allowing us to reach hundreds of new students.

The last year has shown what the Project ASPIRE program can accomplish, that comprehensive financial education for youth is no longer a dream but a reality. We have seen the direct impact our services have on students, and are now, more than ever, committed to expanding their reach. Through our continued growth, Project ASPIRE will remain committed to its central mission: providing high quality, comprehensive financial education to the youth of McLennan County and ensuring their future success.

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