Rental Application

Please note our rental criteria PRIOR to submitting your application.

Applicant(s) may be denied occupancy for the following reasons:

  • Falsification of application by any applicant.
  • Incomplete application by any applicant.
  • Insufficient income (total of all applicant(s))
  • Criminal conviction history of violent or sexual crime committed by any applicant or by other occupants (including children) who plan to live in the property.
  • Poor credit history of any applicant (credit reports are obtained; previous bankruptcy requires an additional security deposit, equal to one month's rent)
    • Derogatory government debts (i.e. federal student loans)
    • Derogatory utility debts (not more than 2)
  • Poor rental profile of any applicant (rental history is obtained)
    • Non-payment or frequent late payment of rent
    • Eviction
    • Drug use
    • Poor housekeeping
    • Poor supervision of applicant(s)' children
    • Unruly or destructive behavior or violence to persons or property by applicant(s), applicant(s)' children or applicant(s)' guests

Please call our office at 254-752-1647 with any questions or concerns.