My name is Tyrasia Brightmon. I am a mother of four beautiful girls. Watching them grow into young ladies has been my pleasure and privilege. I always knew I wanted to be a homeowner but never took it seriously. I felt like it was out of my reach. As my daughters got older, they needed more space and expressed to me how they wanted a mansion (lol!). I told them I couldn’t get them a mansion, but I promised to get us a house that we would be able to call our own.

Once I made that promise, I knew I had to put in the hard work and dedication. I knew I had to work extra hours, save more, take credit seriously (something I had not done since I was 18), and stay focused! I was over living in an apartment because the prices kept increasing over the years, and as I looked into mortgages, I saw you could have a house for the same price as an apartment. I wanted to break the generational curse!

My grandparents have 14 grandchildren, and none has ever owned a home. In 2020 my grandfather had heart surgery, and he ended up passing. But before he passed away, I told him I would make him proud and do everything I once told him I would do, including buying a home. In September 2020, I started saving more than I was spending, attacking collections and building my credit.

Aretha Heggins became my mentor, and she created an action plan, a guide, and a goal list for me to stick to. It seemed impossible because I had been so careless with managing my credit, but I was determined! In January of 2022, a friend Christopher told me they wanted to get his realtor’s license. I told him that if he got his license, I would let him be my realtor and sell me my first home.

While he was working on that, I started attending homebuyer education classes. In one class, loan officer Kip Dixson stood out to me. He was very knowledgeable and knew what he was talking about. After the class, I was able to retain him as my loan officer because I was ready to get my girls and me into a house! He advised me to let him know when I was ready and found a property of my choice. In May of 2022, my friend completed his certification and became a realtor. By this time, I was ready! My hard work and dedication were paying off because I had money saved, and my credit score was now in the 700s with no collections.

Christopher and I searched for a house and were able to find a house that my children loved! Once that step was completed, Mr. Dixson started working on my file. In the process, he referred me to the Waco Lift program for down payment assistance. I completed the intake application and was determined eligible for the program.

I was then assigned to a counselor named Mrs. V Latimer with NeighborWorks Waco. She was very kind and communicated the steps I needed to complete the program. The first step was attending one of their homeownership webinars. I was able to gain so much information that I needed for now and the future. Once I completed all the steps, I was able to receive assistance for my new home! I’m due to close on my new home in November, and I couldn’t be more excited! The Waco Lift program was a great experience and a program I am happy to be a part of.