Waco, TX – July 27, 2017 – In joining the NeighborWorks Waco Board of Directors about two years ago, I have been very pleased by the enthusiasm, professionalism, and dedication of our staff and board toward achieving our mission of building stronger neighborhoods through home ownership, education, community development and quality housing for first time home seekers. I am also very encouraged by our participation in community activities in support of the arts and events that are helping the low income and homeless population in Waco and central Texas.

With no experience working with Neighborworks organizations, the staff offered what has become the best training available anywhere from NeighborWorks America; last year I attended the training in Atlanta, while this year the training was offered in Seattle. In both instances, I engaged with experienced professionals and volunteers who shared what works in their communities, as well as heard from noted authors and laymen, sharing innovations in finding savvy solutions for communities like ours facing complex challenges. The icing on the cake was the provided community tours, specifically a walking tour in a historic Seattle multicultural neighborhood. We observed that, with great effort, the leaders and residents had transformed a low achieving neighborhood into a community where residents are finding affordable homes, good schools, family-wage jobs, health care, services, and a wide variety of small enterprises at which to shop, eat, and play.

As for current happenings at NeighborWorks Waco, we are excited for the opportunity to join the “Pie Society” – offered to non-profits by the Waco Foundation. Our board and staff are exploring ways to increase the total in our endowment fund that will be used to offset the expected reductions in federal grants in the future. We do not plan to reduce our services to our clients and the public. The “Pie Society” is a community-wide giving society made up of donors that our new Fundraising Committee identifies who may leave a portion of their pie (estate) to our fund. We are very excited about joining the Pie Society and moving our efforts forward in the days ahead. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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