NeighborWorks Waco recently teamed up with Shepherd’s Heart Ministries to conduct a neighborhood clean-up initiative. Our staff led groups of teens from the Pacific Northwest through neighborhoods throughout our greater Waco community. Despite 100+ degree heat, these young people, dedicated to making an impact, loaded derelict furniture, discarded mattresses, and forgotten refuse by the trailer-full to be hauled to the city dump and properly disposed.

When large furniture is replaced—like couches, mattresses, desks, headboards, old televisions, etc.—some folks find it challenging to properly dispose of their unwanted items. We see evidence of this on vacant lots, alleyways, street shoulders, and sometimes sidewalks. Decaying refuse litters our beautiful community because people couldn’t fit the garbage in a trash bin. Sometimes one may struggle to lift heavy items into a dumpster, or may not have the means to transport large items to their proper place. Consequently, unattractive litter piles up, blighting communities and lots and driving down property values.

The young volunteers came to Shepherd’s Heart passionate and ready to make a difference. Their work ethic was such that they sought out extra tasks through a partnership. Our team was grateful to alleviate neighborhoods of old garbage piles, but we understand that this isn’t something that we are going to have the means to do regularly. That is why it is imperative that we, as a community, work together to properly dispose of large and unwanted items. If you have concerns about how to appropriately rid yourself of large garbage, please contact the city’s waste department at (254) 299-2612